1. diaemyung:

    I heard drawing style is really similar to the artist, so I compared my drawing with myself and it DOES really similar. It’s really interesting. I also wanna see other artists’. 

    Is it so?

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  2. I’ve been playing the Attack on Titan Tribute Game a lot recently, so I doodled Mikasa Ackerman.

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  3. A bit late, but here are some of the terrorisms I left on the Graffiti wall at Cosfest 2014!

  4. Antagonist
    Welcome to Evil Productions!

    HEY GUYS A group of us made a game to enter in the 2014 Game Maker contest hosted by RPGMaker. Play it and see if you enjoy it!

    If you do, send us a vote and fill our comment section with activity! So we can move up the list of trending games. We’re not really battling for the People’s Choice award, but we just want more people to see and play our game (our badly chosen title screen cover pic does not help to show off our good points), so please help us out! Thanks guys! Nivlac out!

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  5. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities by Nivlacart

    The Fault in Our Stars was a pretty good movie. One of my biggest regrets is that I couldn’t react to it in the way I wanted. 2 hours is not enough time to connect with the characters, and so my biggest and greatest advice to anyone who is going to watch the movie: if you want to appreciate the fullness of the movie, read the book before watching it. (don’t be like me lol)

  6. Do It Now, Remember It Later

    Recently I’ve been listening to Sleeping with Sirens.

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  7. a doodle in class of an attempt of Taka of ONE OK ROCK without reference

    lol his head is squished

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  8. "I’m the leading man."
    My first attempt at Digital Painting goes to my favourite character of Final Fantasy, Balthier.

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  9. Doodle celebrate someone joining the Persona 4 Arena!

  10. One of my biggest problems is getting myself to draw.
    My art teacher (maybe?)